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HaloOne technology
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HaloOne® Salt Therapy

The HALOONE® is a holistic way to heal your respiratory system. Halotherapy replicates the natural climate of salt caves by dispersing high concentration particles into the air, providing an immersive treatment of all types.

Wellness Benefits

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The HALOONE® provides a safe and natural way to improve your quality of sleep, reduce inflammation and fight pathogens. The microsalt particles inhaled promote an overall healthy respiratory system that allows you more restful nights without interruption or discomfort due excessive mucus caused by allergens.

HaloOne steaming

How does it work?

The HALOONE® disperses micro particles of lab-tested, therapeutic salt solutions into the air which are then inhaled through the airways. The healing properties from the salt solution circulate into the airways, allowing for a reduction in inflammation, clearance of blockages and mucus and with anti-bacterial properties, helps to fight off infections.

Refilling the salt pods

The HALOONE® salt pods contain pure 3% medical-grade saline solution and meet the highest safety standards. Ensuring only medical-grade salt is used and that no compromises are made when it comes to wellness.

Unlike any other Halotherapy devices on the market, the HALOONE® utilises micro-salt particles in a saline solution, opposed to the device physically grinding the salt down per use. This allows for the highest-quality solution while being completely soundless for a relaxing experience.

HALOONE® includes 30 pods to get you started, are simple to replace, and additional pods can be purchased via the buttons below.

HaloOne technology
HaloOne technology

Enhance your sauna sessions

Meet HALOONE®: The world's first battery-operated, cordless and portable salt therapy device that is small enough to take with you wherever you go.

Simply bring in the HALOONE® into your Clearlight® Sauna and experience the additional benefits of halotherapy. With its whisper-quiet operation, you can enjoy the benefits of salt therapy in total relaxation.

HALOONE® is also great for use in small spaces such as your bathroom or bedroom and it’s compact design allows you to take it wherever you like.


Length 33 cm
Height 22 cm
Depth 10 cm


Vibrating mesh to produce salt particles between 1–10 microns.


15–20 min per cartridge


5 years



1,595 €

30 Salt Pods

195 €

120 Salt Pods

395 €

HaloOne® FAQs

Why does HALOONE® use salt in liquid form?

Unlike most other halo therapy devices our HALOONE® works with a saline solution and not with dry salt. The humidity helps to dispense the salt particles longer into the air so that there is more salt for you to breathe in. This process also helps to spread the salt more evenly in the room.

What is the salt % in the saline solution?

The saline solution is a 3% pharmaceutical-grade saline solution. We use 99.99% pure sodium chloride (Pharmaceutical-grade NaCl) salt. The solution contains no fillers or caking agents. Also, the salt comes from a natural source and it’s naturally processed to remove all impure elements. You end up with the same salt that hospitals and halotherapy research uses.

How long does a single cartridge last?

The cartridges will last for around 20 – 30 minutes. After that time, you’ll have to replace the pod. The salt in the air inside your sauna will be there much longer though.

How warm can the surrounding be when using the HALOONE®?

The HALOONE® can also be used inside a sauna up to a maximum temperature of 140°F (60°C) for no more than one consecutive hour. The HALOONE® unit is not designed for continuous use in the sauna and should be removed after each use if the sauna is used for multiple sessions in a day.

Can other salt be used or can I create my own saline solution? Why not?

No, third-party salt or mixing your own salt solution can cause contamination or impurities and can be harmful to your body if you breathe in contaminated salt or damage the membranes of the device. HALOONE® Salt Pods use only the safest medical-grade salt solutions that are used in hospitals and halotherapy research.

How does it compare to living in high salt concentration areas such as by the coast?

The HALOONE® is more effective in therapeutic benefits because of the intensity of creating a wide variation of particle sizes due to the different membranes. HALOONE® salt pods are also more concentrated than the dose you’d get by living on the sea or ocean.

What are the actual halotherapy health benefits?

Halotherapy can help stimulate the respiratory system, reduce inflammation, fight infection, clear blockages and reduce discomfort. Halotherapy is believed to be antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, and can help with excessive mucus, pathogen agents, digestive issues, depression, skin conditions, and immune system oversensitivity.

Chronic Bronchitis
Ear Infections
Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
Sinus Infections
Chest Tightness
Hay Fever
Sleep Apnea
Dry Skin
Cystic Fibrosis

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