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5 Reasons Why Okoume is the Best Wood for Infrared Saunas

Here's why we've decided to craft our saunas out of okoume.

EMF Dangers: Why Low EMF Infrared Saunas Are Best

& How We Assure Your EMF Exposure Is As Low As Possible

Cedar Wood Sauna: Everything You Need To Know

Why Cedar Wood Is The Rolls-Royce Among The Sauna Wood Choices
Health Benefits
4 min read

Best Infrared Heat Lamp For Muscle Pain

And Why Using A Full-Spectrum Sauna Is Your Best Bet

Best Portable Infrared Sauna UK: A Buyer’s Guide

Sauna Blankets, Clearlight Dome Sauna, And Other Portable Infrared Sauna Models Pros And Cons

The Best Infrared Sauna Blanket UK Options: What You Need To Know

And Why Sauna Blankets Aren’t Always Replacements For An Infrared Sauna Or Other Portable Saunas

Infrared Salt Sauna: Why This Magical Combination Works Wonders

Why The Benefits Of An Infrared Sauna And Salt Therapy Mutually Reinforce Each Other

Infrared Light Therapy At Home

Differences Between Infrared Sauna Therapy, Near Infrared Light Therapy & More
Health Benefits
7 min read

Is A Sauna Good For COVID?

The Sauna COVID-19 Guidelines For Lower Exposure Risk And Staying Healthy
Sauna Practice
6 min read

Infrared Sauna Electricity Costs: Cheaper than Traditional Saunas?

Cost of Running an Infrared Sauna: Cheap or Expensive?
Health Benefits
6 min read

Are Infrared Saunas An Effective Treatment Of Acne?

Exploring the link between infrared saunas, skin health and acne treatments.
Health Benefits
7 min read

Is A Sauna Good For Your Lungs?

Why Using A Sauna For Lungs Reduces Disease Risk And Boosts Your Health
Sauna Practice
7 min read

Sauna While Fasting

5 Important Lessons To Remember
6 min read

The Infrared Sauna After Tattoo Basics

Why You'd Better Avoid An Infrared Sauna Directly After You Got A New Tattoo
Health Benefits
7 min read

Sauna COVID Risk

How To Lower Your Exposure Risk And How To Use Saunas To Counter COVID Symptoms
Health Benefits
8 min read

Parkinson And Infrared Sauna Use: Exploring The Exceptional Science

How Infrared Saunas Counter Main Parkinson’s Disease Risk Factors
Health Benefits
5 min read

The Unlikely Sauna Liver Connection

How Using An Infrared Sauna For Liver Detoxification Works Physiologically
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