Clearlight® Saunas International Deliveries

We safely deliver Clearlight Saunas to your place – throughout Europe and the World. Clearlight Saunas Europe has been committed to the highest product and service standards. As a pioneer of low-EMF infrared saunas, we’ve set new industry standards across the industry, but are also committed to highest standards before you actually receive your sauna.

Our saunas meet the international electrical and safety standards of every country. See more information here. Your sauna comes with the standard European-Plug (2-pin) that is used in Germany, Norway, Denmark, Spain etc., if you’re based in Europe, or with the 3-pin United Kingdom plug, if you’re ordering from outside Europe. If you need another type of plug, we’re happy to find a solution for you – just get in touch with our team who will be able to help. Our lifetime warranty is not limited to certain countries but applies globally.

Through various warehouses around the world and partnering up with the most experienced logistics and warehousing companies, we can deliver worldwide, with few exceptions. We carefully quality control our Clearlight saunas and individually pack them for your delivery requirements. Whether this is from the United Kingdom to Dubai, or from Germany to Italy – We have the expertise to bring your sauna to you safely.

Clearlight Saunas Norway

We regularly deliver a number of Clearlight saunas to Norway. The average delivery time is around 5-10 days from the day of dispatch. Feel free to contact one of our team members to get advice for Clearlight Saunas in Norway. Upon import there is a duty and customs charge payable. We can help you with this and it’s not going to end up more costly than when purchasing in the European Union.

Clearlight Saunas Sweden, Denmark and Finland

Clearlight Saunas Europe has a large number of Clearlight sauna users in Sweden. Should you want to find out more about Clearlight Saunas in Sweden, Finland or Denmark, please feel free to contact us directly.

Clearlight Saunas Italy, Portugal and Spain

Through our German warehouse deliveries of Clearlight Saunas to France, Spain, Portugal and Italy are no problem. The delivery time is approx. 5-10 working days from the day of dispatch.

Clearlight Saunas Belgium, Luxembourg and Netherlands

With a large group of Clearlight Sauna customers in Benelux countries we’re able to provide a swift and reliable delivery service to the Netherlands and Belgium from our German warehouse. We are happy to connect you with a Clearlight customer in the Netherlands or Belgium if you like.

Clearlight Saunas Middle East, United Arab Emirates (Dubai, Kuwait, etc.) and Israel

We deliver to these parts of the world as well and we also take care of all the needed paperwork. With our experienced air and sea freight specialists we can get every number of Clearlight Saunas to you.

Clearlight Saunas Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and other parts of Eastern Europe

We have frequent deliveries from our German warehouse into these countries and shipping time is between 5 and 14 working days.

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