Clearlight® saunas are the best on the market and offer a variety of choices of 2-person saunas. Allowing for maximum relaxation and infrared sauna benefits such as detoxification, relief from sore muscles and joints, improved circulation, and more. We have three types of 2-person saunas: the far infrared Premier 2-person sauna, the full spectrum infrared Sanctuary 2-person sauna, and the 2-person Outdoor Sauna.

Our far-infrared Premier 2-person sauna is the perfect way to enjoy your own home sauna session. Made with FSC-certified wood and featuring True Wave™ far infrared heaters, this sauna is designed to provide optimal health benefits. The sauna's unique design allows you to enjoy the benefits of far infrared heat, while the wood construction helps to create a natural, inviting atmosphere. As an added bonus, the Premier 2-person sauna makes it easy to improve your health or simply unwind after a long day.

Looking for an infrared sauna that offers the ultimate in luxury and therapeutic benefits? Look no further than the Sanctuary Sauna 2 person. This sauna provides maximum benefits with its ultra-low emf levels and energy-efficient infrared heating. Unlike other saunas on the market, the Sanctuary 2-Person can be used with our Red Light Therapy upgrade for even more powerful results. Its True Wave™ ceramic/carbon heaters produce evenly distributed full spectrum infrared therapy. Unrivalled by any other infrared sauna on the market, making it the perfect choice for those who are looking for the best of the best.

Looking for a sauna that can withstand the elements? Look no further than the Outdoor 2 Person Sauna. This sauna features durable, weatherproof construction and True Wave™ far infrared and full spectrum heaters for the best possible infrared therapy. The elegant accent lighting makes it perfect for any home or commercial property. Plus, infrared heating raises your core body temperature for a more intense sweat. So, if you're looking for a sauna that can take the heat, this is the one for you.

Clearlight® 2-person infrared saunas provide all the incredible health benefits of a traditional sauna and more, in an efficient package perfect for any home. Our product comes backed by lifetime warranties which ensure your purchase will provide years' worth of enjoyment! For businesses we offer 5-year warranty packages as well because you can trust that our products are top quality with great service behind them.

Whether you want to relax, rejuvenate or work up a sweat with our state-of-the-art 2-person saunas - Clearlight® has what it takes. We've got your back so grab some friends and get ready for an invigorating experience! All Clearight® is committed to providing safe products that allow people of all ages to enjoy their time spent relaxing under heaters filled with infrared therapy, 24/7 - 365 days a year - because nobody knows saunas as we do.

We make all of our products from the highest-quality materials with a focus on sustainability. We use non-toxic glues or varnishes, and we adhere to rigorous quality standards so that your purchase is not just for you but also for generations to come.

Clearlight® Saunas are great for anyone looking to improve their health, with one of the most popular products being a 2-person infrared sauna. This product offers many benefits such as increased circulation and detoxification which will leave you feeling refreshed all over!

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