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Small but mighty.

The Dome offers a a slightly alternative sauna experience. By leaving the head outside of the sauna, the body can withstand high temperatures for longer, achieving the optimal core body temperature for optimal results and wellness benefits.

The Dome sauna incorporates the same high-quality technology of all Clearlight® Infrared Saunas with a space-saving and practical design that's portable and super simple to use.

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Big on features, at an affordable price.

Person showing how the Portable Dome Sauna can pack away to save space.

True Wave® Far Infrared Heaters

A patent pending innovation that is the combination of carbon/ceramic infrared heaters, exclusive to all Clearlight® Saunas.

Low EMF Output

Our manufacturing process allows us to cancel out EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) to levels that are virtually undetectable.

Portable & Compact Design

Minimal components allow for quick and easy set up, and easy storage when not in use.

Quality Material & Construction

Crafted with 100% organic hemp, easy-clean memory foam, and eco-certified timber frames.

Sauna anywhere, anytime

So simple to set up

Line drawing illustrating the components that make up the Clearlight Dome Sauna.
Dome Dimensions

Length: Adjustable up to 175 cm
Width: 71 cm
Height: 46 cm
Weight: 30.4 Kg

Mat Dimensions

Length: 180 cm (Folds in 2 halves)
Width: 69 cm
Height: 4 cm
Weight: 4.5Kg

Package Inclusions

Lower Dome
Upper Dome
Memory Foam Mat
Memory Foam Pillow
Dome Heating Power Box
Mattress Power Remote + Cord

Electrical Specifications

Dome 230V / 960W / 4A
Matte 230V / 380W / 2A

The mobile infrared sauna is an extremely energy-saving infrared sauna.
Only 1.3 kWh of electricity are consumed per hour of use.

Temperature Range

Min:  43ºC / 110ºF
Max:  65ºC / 150ºF


True Wave™ Far Infrared Carbon & Ceramic Heaters


100% Organic Hemp Outer
Eco Certified Timber
Non-toxic Adhesives and Varnishes


Residential customers: Lifetime warranty
Commercial customers: 5 Years

Dome Sauna FAQ

How easy is it to pack away or stow the Portable Infrared Sauna?

All parts can be easily stowed away. The infrared mat can be folded in the middle and the two domes fit into each other so that they can be stowed away to save space. The space required for free-standing storage of the dome is: 90 cm (height) x 50 cm (width) x 80 cm (depth).

What materials are used to build the mobile infrared sauna dome and how safe are they?

We only use high-quality materials for the manufacture of the mobile infrared sauna dome. The frame is made of sustainably grown spruce wood, into which we install our exclusive True Wave™ hybrid carbon-ceramic infrared heater. The outer cover is made of organic textile hemp.The heatable infrared mat is made of non-toxic foam and is completely waterproof. Every Clearlight® infrared sauna is extensively tested for VOCs (volatile organic compounds) to ensure it is completely non-toxic and pollution-free. The Dome is therefore also suitable for people who are very sensitive to chemicals.

What type of infrared heaters are used in the Portable Infrared Sauna?

The mobile infrared sauna is equipped with our patented True WaveT™ far-infrared heaters, which are made of a carbon-ceramic combination and are characterised by extremely low EMF values. These are the exact same heaters that we use in our infrared cabins. Our heaters are a hybrid of 95% carbon with 5% ceramic to increase the intensity of the infrared heat. The carbon in our heaters creates long-wave infrared heat that penetrates deep into the body penetrates.

With a wavelength of 9.4 µm - which acts as a resonance frequency on the body - this wavelength is ideal for detoxification. The addition of our proprietary ceramic component creates a much more intense infrared heat compared to traditional carbon heaters. Ceramic has a high emissivity. In short, you get high-quality, high-intensity infrared heat.

What is the difference between the Dome Infrared Sauna and the infrared cabin saunas?

Because the portable infrared sauna also features our exclusive True Wave™ far infrared heaters, it offers the same health benefits as our infrared cabins, while being compact and versatile. The portable sauna dome is the perfect option for people who have little space at home or like to travel. The portable infrared sauna also comes with a lifetime guarantee for residential use.

Is the Portable Infrared Sauna dome equipped with colored light?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer colored light for our mobile infrared sauna because the product design does not allow this.

How long does it take to set up the Dome Infrared Sauna?

Setting up your mobile infrared sauna is very easy and only takes a few minutes, following these steps:

1: Lay the infrared mat on the floor and place the two dome elements above it. The surface must be flat and firm, for example the floor or a massage table is suitable. The mobile sauna dome should not be used on a soft surface such as a bed or sofa, as the built-in heaters inside the Dome structures could be damaged if the they fell onto a hard surface.

The control panel is connected to a normal household socket.

2: We recommend putting one or two cotton or natural fibre towels on the infrared.
Lay down the mat to soak up the sweat

3: When you're done, you can simply wipe the infrared mat, fold it (do not roll it), and store it flat. The dome's lower dome slides into the upper dome, so you can pack everything together in minutes.

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