Clearlight Vs. Sunlighten: Which UK Infrared Saunas Are Better?

A Competitor Analysis of Clearlight Saunas and Sunlighten Saunas


Before we dive in, we want to be honest that we’re part of the Clearlight Saunas team for non-US regions. We nevertheless aim to be as transparent and objective as possible in my analysis of these different saunas. Based on these facts and analysis, we believe Clearlight is the superior sauna.

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Sunlighten and Clearlight® Saunas are currently the two most prestigious brands in the infrared sauna space. Both companies offer:

  • full range of premium-quality infrared saunas.
  • full-spectrum saunas for maximal health benefits and heating - although these have subtle differences. 
  • excellent service and warranty, but only one company is the best in this domain
  • add-ons - but the add-ons of one of these companies are superior.

For that reason, I decided to create the best infrared sauna comparison between Clearlight Saunas Vs Sunlighten Saunas.

Step by step, you’ll learn why Clearlight® Saunas are the best overall option for most people. 

So whether it’s the infrared sauna heaters, warranty, or add-ons, Clearlight® Saunas offers the highest-quality saunas on the market currently.

Before we dive in, we want to be honest that we’re part of the Clearlight Saunas team for non-US regions. We nevertheless aim to be as transparent and objective as possible in my analysis of these different saunas. Based on these facts and analysis, we believe Clearlight is the superior sauna.

Let’s find out why that is the case:

Fact Overview: Two Examples

In this section, I’ll give you two examples of two similar models offered by Clearlight and Sunlighten.

First, I’ll start with a 2-person far infrared sauna model. That comparison uses the Clearlight® Premier 2-Person Far Infrared Sauna and the Signature II far infrared from Sunlighten.

Note that the Signature II’s heater placement towards the head is not necessarily advantageous. The human head is the weakest link in your sauna sessions and limits how long you can spend time inside an (infrared) sauna and sweat. 

Next up, I’ll consider a 4-person full-spectrum sauna. That comparison uses the  Clearlight® Sanctuary Yoga 4 Person Full Spectrum Sauna and the Sunlighten mPulse Discover.

So, while the Clearlight® Sanctuary 4-person Full Spectrum Sauna seems to have lower power output, there are no panels aimed at the head once again.

Sunlighten Sauna Products

Sunlighten specialises in infrared saunas in the same way Clearlight® Saunas does. Sunlighten doesn’t offer many products unrelated to infrared saunas, except for one infrared spot-treatment device called the “lumiNIR”.

Products are sold to residential and commercial clients and have been in business for over 20 years. Today, Sunlighten has offices on four different continents. Sunlighten has a large online following, with many influencers promoting their products in the natural health and wellness space.

Sunlighten has four product ranges: the premium mPulse, the Amplify series, the Signature far infrared series, and a portable infrared sauna called the Solo System. All these saunas are indoor saunas, not for outdoor use. Only the mPulse and Amplify series use full-spectrum heating technology. 

The stated goal of these sauna series is different:

  1. The mPulse series is aimed at maximum overall health improvement and luxury
  2. The Amplify series is affordable yet offers maximum heating - which can be helpful to athletes
  3. The Signature series is the basic far infrared offering
  4. The portable Solo System is affordable and transportable

Different types of timber are available for Sunlighten’s infrared saunas. These are basswood, eucalyptus, and cedar for the UK. The cedarwood can only be used inside the mPulse sauna. During this process, Sunlighten focuses heavily on sustainably sourcing their timber. Some of their timber is FSC-certified.

All infrared saunas also come with BlueTooth and audio connectivity. The same is true for an ergonomic backrest. Add-ons are also available, such as vibrational resonance therapy, which Sunlighten call “acoustic resonance therapy”. 

Compared to many other competitors in the UK infrared sauna space, Sunlighten offers a premium product. Sunlighten Saunas aim is not to compete with the market's budget or mid-tier infrared sauna offers.


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Five Reasons Clearlight Saunas Is Unique

In the section below, I’ll explain the 5 most important reasons to choose Clearlight® Saunas

1. Achieve Maximum Temperatures with Superior Heater Technology

The more you can heat up your body with different types of infrared, the more infrared sauna health benefits you’ll receive. The key to those benefits is increasing your “core body temperature”. That core body temperature signifies the temperature at the centre of your body, between your organs, such as your liver and heart.

So what happens once increase your core body temperature greatly? Simply put: you’ll start sweating profusely, unlock sauna benefits for mental well-being that you wouldn’t get at lower temperatures, and greater sauna benefits for the immune system.

To accomplish these maximal core body temperature increases, we’ve developed our patented True Wave™ Heater Technology. Unlike most of our competition, we use a combination of ceramic and 

2. Greater Health Benefits with 360º Heat Exposure

What if you were expecting a full body massage but the therapist forgets the front of your body or back? Or what if there was a supplement line with all essential minerals except magnesium?

In that case, you’d be surprised, at the very least. Well, a similar problem often occurs in the sauna space. Many sauna companies offer infrared sauna technology that doesn’t allow for 360° heat exposure.

In all our infrared saunas, we aim to accomplish 360° heat exposure as much as possible. That way, all the tissues of your body that need to be heated are heated. 

You see, infrared light has both local and systemic effects. An example of a local effect is that the pain may be reduced if you shine infrared light on your osteoarthritic knee. An example of a systemic effect is that if you raise your core body temperature enough, you’ll sweat more and receive greater benefits for mood and well-being.

If an infrared sauna doesn’t offer 360° heat exposure, you’ll therefore lose out on some of the benefits.

Our Clearlight® Sanctuary Full Spectrum Saunas, Premier Far Infrared Sauna, and Sanctuary Outdoor Full Spectrum Sauna can all use the True Wave® heaters for full-spectrum light aimed at the front of your body. Most infrared sauna companies fall short in delivering sufficient infrared light to the front of that body.

Also, there’s one caveat I already mentioned earlier: you don’t want to heat your head. Due to engineering limitations, infrared light directed at the head won’t hit the core of your body and extremities. That light is not only wasted but arguably counterproductive.

3. The Lowest EMF and ELF Infrared Saunas

Many modern devices emit Electro-Magnetic Frequencies (EMFs) and Extremely Low Frequencies (ELFs). These EMFs and ELFs are almost certainly harmful to your health. 

Not all scientists agree with that assessment, but in the natural health and wellness space there’s a consensus that EMFs and ELFs are harmful. And if you are exposed to these EMFs and ELFs, it adds stress to your body and will impact your health, especially over time.

Depending on how they are constructed, infrared saunas can emit either high or low levels of EMFs and ELFs. Through decades of engineering experience, we’ve created infrared saunas that are among the lowest on the market - if not the lowest.

Those almost non-existent EMF and ELF levels mean that you won’t add to your body's stress during your sauna sessions. These EMFs and ELFs can be conceived similarly to toxins you might ingest from cosmetics or breathing polluted air. Over time, these stressors add up.

Of course, you’ll want your infrared sauna experience to be as healing and health-promoting as possible. That’s why Clearlight® went the extra mile and then some to minimise EMF and ELF exposure to almost zero.

Now here’s my point: 

Sunlighten do have low EMF and ELF. But those numbers aren’t as good as those of Clearlight® low EMF and ELF Saunas. You can find independent tests on those topics on YouTube.

And there’s more:

4. Sleep Soundly with a Lifetime Warranty

With Clearlight® Saunas you can sleep soundly after an infrared sauna purchase due to the sauna lifetime warranty. That warranty is valid for residential purchases.

Why have we added a lifetime warranty? 

We are incredibly convinced our product is the best the market offers. That’s not just an empty claim - our infrared saunas are designed and engineered to last a lifetime

For instance, our True Wave® infrared heaters last 30,000 hours on average. Those numbers translate into over 150 x 30-minute sauna sessions per year, for 50 years straight. And most people don’t use an infrared sauna that often.

Our sauna timber choices and engineering solutions are picked with the same philosophy: we’re not delivering a product that is supposed to break down five or ten years from now. Instead, our goal is to ensure your infrared sauna remains sturdy and beautiful 40 years from now. Of course, as with any product, you’ll have to maintain it - but you get my point. If anything ever breaks down in your 

Now, here’s where I’m getting at:

Sunlighten currently offers a 7-year warranty on their infrared saunas in the UK. Sure, that’s decent but it doesn’t show the same confidence we have in our Clearlight® Saunas. If something breaks ten years from now, you’re paying for the repairs.

A lifetime warranty thus allows you to sleep soundly at night. You pay for a premium infrared sauna once and then never again.

Let’s move on:

5. Upgrade Your Health Benefits Further with Add-ons

Clearlight® Saunas allow for multiple sauna add-ons. These optional add-ons further expand the health benefits you’re getting from your sauna. These are our add-ons:

  • A True Wave® full-spectrum heater for our far infrared sauna models 
  • Salt Therapy to help you relax even more and enhance the health of your airways
  • A Red Light Therapy Tower to give you benefits such as more energy, deeper sleep, and improved skin
  • Vibration Resonance Therapy for even deeper relaxation
  • Aromatherapy

Currently, Sunlighten only offers their version of the Vibration Resonance Therapy. But hopefully, you can see that you can upgrade your Clearlight Sauna with add-ons to make it a truly holistic experience - light, air, and sound come together for a health-promoting symphony.

6. Other Reasons

Besides the reasons I already mentioned, other reasons exist why you’d want to choose for Clearlight.

For instance, we test each infrared sauna for “VOCs” or “Volatile Organic Compounds”

VOCs are toxins subsumed in the air you don’t want to breathe in. That quality check for VOCs ensures that you have a healthier sauna experience, just as with the EMFs.

Next up, let’s check the prices of our premium infrared saunas:

Clearlight®  Infrared Saunas Price

So let’s consider the prices of a Clearlight®  Infrared Sauna. All prices include VAT and shipping on the mainland of the UK.

Our Essential and Sauna Dome models start at a little over £3,000.

At most, the Sanctuary Corner - 4 person costs just over £12,000. 

Add-ons may increase the price a little bit too, depending on your choices.

As stated before, these prices include a lifetime warranty for all residential customers. So, even though you may be paying more upfront for a Clearlight®  Infrared Sauna, in the long run it’s going to be a cost-saving investment.

The size of the cabin and the wood type are the main determining factors for the price of a Clearlight®  Infrared Sauna.

Obviously, as Sunlighten doesn’t offer a lifetime warranty and the premium wood options that Clearlight® offers, the prices are different too. 

The Online Presence Of Sunlighten And Clearlight

Both Sunlighten and Clearlight have an extensive online presence. Both companies have extensive websites with blogs that are read widely in the natural health and wellness space.

Also, both Sunlighten and Clearlight don’t offer a classic online shop. Instead, customer service experts guide the sale process in both cases. 

The reason for this method is you’ll want each customer to find the product that matches their needs best. With an extensive range product range and different add-on options the sheer amount of information can be overwhelming if you don’t have a deep understanding of infrared saunas.

The website of Clearlight® Saunas also offers lots of information. The infrared sauna blog, for instance, is extremely heavily referenced with the latest science on saunas while still being readable. 

And, you can read about the infrared sauna health benefits and download a How-to Sauna eBook on how to get the most out of your infrared sauna sessions.

Both companies also have an all-round presence on social media, such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Clearlight also offers a podcast called the The Sauna Show since a few years, where experts in the natural health and wellness field are interviewed.

Overall, both the Clearlight® and Sunlighten websites offer a feeling of luxury and a premium sauna experience.

And with that being said, let’s conclude:


The Clearlight vs Sunlighten comparison is obviously won by the former option.

Clearlight simply offers a healthier and more luxurious experience.

Several reasons exist for this conclusion, such as the option to use Western red cedar, get the sauna with the lowest EMF and ELF exposure, and the broad spectrum of add-ons.

If you would like to learn more about Clearlight® Saunas, contact us today by enquiring online here.

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