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How To Build Your Own Sauna


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Today we’re going to be continuing our series of content covering the basics of building your own sauna and have a look at how big you should be aiming to make your sauna.

There are a lot of variables at play, here.

There are budget concerns, existing size constraints in your space, as well as a long list of unknowns once you’ve constructed it.

Will it be too big, and take up too much of your space?

How big is a sauna, anyway?

What’s the right size for a two-person sauna, or even a four-person sauna in your home?

These are a few of the questions that we’ll be tackling today, so, join us as we dive into the topic of figuring out just how big a sauna in your home should be, so you can build your own sauna with confidence.

How Much Space Do I Need In My House For A Sauna?

The answer to this question depends on one simple question: would you like a traditional or an infrared sauna?

If you’re looking to build your very own infrared sauna at home, you won’t need much more than 1.5-square meters of space.

If you’re looking to build a four-person sauna to accommodate guests in style, you may need at least three-square meters of space.

This is significantly less space than what is required to build a traditional sauna in your home.

What Size Should A Sauna Be?

While a sauna is one of the most significant things you can add to your house, the actual size of a sauna might surprise you.

Both traditional and infrared saunas are relatively compact in their dimensions for a very good and scientific reason: thermodynamics.

As the size of a sauna increases, so too does the amount of energy required to heat and maintain a temperature high enough.

The problem is compounded when you consider the amount of heat that can be lost in a large and tall sauna, which is the main reason why saunas have remained a compact addition to households and gyms.

Thankfully, the laws of thermodynamics apply less to a personal infrared sauna, which leverages a different means of heating up the occupants.

However, in the name of efficiency, infrared saunas are predominantly built with a compact configuration; after all, good things, of course, come in small packages.


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How Big Is A 2 Person Sauna?

In terms of traditional - or steam-saunas, the configuration is significantly larger than their infrared counterparts.

The average sauna is around 182cm wide, with a depth of 152cm, and a recommended minimum height of 195cm.

The height of a traditional sauna often reaches 213cm, but should not exceed 243cm for the reasons we mentioned above.

Depending on the intended use of the sauna, you can tweak these dimensions to fit the purpose.

If you intend on laying down in the sauna, and not sharing it with too many people, you can take this into account while designing your own sauna and its bench configuration.

The dimensions we’re listing are suitable for a traditional sauna that could comfortably house two people:

Width: 182cm

Depth: 152cm

Height: 195cm

How Big Is A 2 Person Infrared Sauna?

If you’re looking at how to build your own sauna at home, it’s essential that you have an idea of the layout you’d like in your sauna, you’re using the right materials, and you’re building a sauna with the right dimensions.

First, think about the most common use scenario for the sauna. In the case of a two-person sauna, think about how luxurious you’d like this space to be, and whether you’d appreciate some space between occupants, or if you’re aiming for something more intimate to share with a partner.

If you’re looking to build a two-person sauna in the most efficient and cost-effective manner, you’re likely to end up with a design that has the occupants sitting quite close to each other.

The dimensions of a compact two-person infrared sauna are:

Width: 127cm

Depth: 112cm

Height: 193cm

If you’re looking for a more spacious, luxurious layout for your two-person infrared sauna, though, you’re best sticking with the following dimensions:

Width: 132cm

Depth: 121cm

Height: 196cm

How Big Is A 4 Person Sauna?

Now, it’s clear to see that traditional saunas are significantly larger than their infrared counterparts.

This, too, applies to four-person saunas.

A 4 person sauna requires both more space to accommodate a larger heat source, as well as more bench space to take four people in relative comfort.

As a rough size guide, a compact 4 person sauna should have the following dimensions:

Width: 220cm

Depth: 160cm

Height: 195cm

These dimensions will, of course, change the intended use and configuration of the sauna. As we mentioned, these dimensions were for a compact 4 person design that might not suit your exact needs.

How Big Is A 4 Person Infrared Sauna?

A 4 person infrared sauna requires less space than you’d need for its traditional or steam room equivalent. An approximate size guide for a spacious and luxurious 4 person infrared sauna configuration goes as follows:

Width: 193cm

Depth: 149cm

Height: 195cm

If you’ve settled on the size and dimensions of your sauna, it’s time to move on to the question of what’s the best wood to use.

We’ve covered exactly that in a previous blog, which you can read here.

Where Can I Get More Help?

We realise that the process of researching saunas can be a complex, and at times, confusing process.

That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive buying guide to purchasing infrared saunas that are all yours for free.

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