Unveiling the Vision of the New Zealand Campus of Innovation and Sport

How Clearlight® Saunas have influenced one of the world's most advanced recovery centres

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In a quaint corner of Wellington, New Zealand, a remarkable transformation has taken place over the past six years.

What was once an abandoned academic campus has evolved into a cutting-edge hub for health, wellness, and sports innovation.

I had the privilege of sitting down with Jamie Tout, the director of the NZ Campus of Innovation and Sport, to delve into the fascinating journey that led to this incredible metamorphosis.

A Conversation with Jamie Tout: Director of NZ Campus of Innovation and Sport

Jamie Tout, the mastermind behind this endeavour, is not only the director but also one of the founding partners of the NZ Campus of Innovation and Sport (NZCIS).

His journey ranged from grassroots initiatives to professional athlete training, with a particular emphasis on strength and conditioning as well as data science.

A significant part of his career was intertwined with the New Zealand rugby scene, especially the Black Ferns team.

The Vision Behind the NZCIS

Jamie explained that NZCIS was conceived in 2016 as a shared resource model to cater to the diverse needs of professional sports teams in Wellington.

The vision extended beyond just accommodating local teams; it aimed to attract international teams for pre-season training while fostering a sense of community and enterprise through commercial and government tenancies.

The bold decision to repurpose and renovate the campus sparked a massive transformation, breathing life back into its once-abandoned corridors.

Jamie's role was pivotal in orchestrating the evolution of the campus, bridging the gap between the original visionaries and the world of professional sports.

NZCIS boasts an awe-inspiring array of facilities, from state-of-the-art exercise equipment and recovery booths to expansive fields and accommodations.

Jamie explained that the process of selecting the features and areas of the campus was meticulous and rooted in collaboration.

Choosing Which Equipment and Why

In 2017, the foundation membership group, which included prominent sports teams like the Hurricanes and the Pulse, gathered to generate ideas that would shape the future of the campus.

The discussion then turned to the global stage. In a daring move, NZCIS reached out to 35 major international sporting organisations, garnering insights and perspectives from diverse entities such as the New York Giants, Chicago Bulls, the UFC and Manchester United to name a few.

This exchange of ideas enabled NZCIS to customise its offerings, catering to a variety of sports, player profiles, and training requirements. The result was a world-class facility that merged the realms of community, professionalism, and sports innovation.

The NZ Campus of Innovation and Sport is a testament to what can be achieved when passion and purpose converge.


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Elevating Performance: The Science of Recovery and Wellness at NZ Campus of Innovation and Sport

Jamie shared a fascinating insight into how NZCIS managed to secure the enthusiastic collaboration of various sports clubs and organisations.

He emphasised that success lay in a relationship-focused approach rather than competition. The vision of shared resources resonated with these clubs, encouraging them to engage in a collaborative endeavour that extended beyond their individual interests.

This open-door policy led to a healthy exchange of ideas, laying the foundation for a community where knowledge and expertise were shared freely.

Cutting-edge Technologies for Sports Recovery

Recovery, he highlighted, is the cornerstone of success. By recovering efficiently, athletes can train harder and perform better, creating a virtuous cycle of improvement.

The design of NZCIS's recovery facility reflects this ethos.

Jamie explained how the facility was meticulously crafted to provide athletes with state-of-the-art tools and technologies for optimal recovery.

The facility offers a range of amenities, from:

These tools aren't just about physical recovery; they also contribute to the mental well-being of athletes, creating a holistic environment for rejuvenation.

You can learn more about the health benefits of infrared saunas here.

Inclusivity in Performance

The dedication to inclusivity and accessibility is evident throughout NZCIS. Jamie proudly shared how the facility's hydrotherapy baths are equipped with an accessibility hoist, allowing individuals with limited mobility to benefit from the therapeutic properties of water.

This commitment to providing opportunities for all members of the community underscores NZCIS's mission to foster a sense of belonging and empowerment.

The conversation also pivoted toward NZCIS's role as the host for the Swedish national soccer team during the 2023 World Cup.

Jamie provided an insider's view of how these teams are welcomed and supported throughout their stay.

From personalised change rooms to tailored schedules that optimise training and recovery, NZCIS ensures that athletes have the best possible environment to perform at their peak.

Unlocking Athlete Potential Through Innovative Wellness

As the conversation flowed, we explored the holistic approach taken in designing the facility. It was clear that this wasn't just about training; it was about nurturing well-rounded individuals.

The concept of "mah̄i" (work) and "tao" (rest) from New Zealand culture played a pivotal role in creating spaces that foster relaxation and recovery.

Walking through the Performance Institute, it was evident that every detail was meticulously planned.

Athlete lounges resembling airport terminals, sleeping pods, one-on-one consulting rooms, and a serene café all contributed to an environment that catered to diverse needs.

Even the design of the spaces – with specific colour palettes, natural materials, and attention to lighting – was aimed at separating different aspects of an athlete's life, promoting both focus and relaxation.

The Pillar of Sleep

One crucial aspect that emerged was the significance of sleep. While discussing the range of wellness activities available, the conversation consistently circled back to the undeniable importance of sleep.

It was emphasised that sleep shouldn't be seen as a secondary concern, but rather as a fundamental pillar of well-being. The centre prioritised this by providing comfortable beds, eliminating blue lights, and creating an environment conducive to optimal sleep quality.

The conversation left me pondering the hierarchy of well-being – how often do we emphasise sleep alongside physical training and nutrition? It was a reminder that good sleep isn't just a luxury; it's an essential factor in unlocking peak performance.

Looking Ahead: The Global Stage

The conversation touched on potential partnerships with teams from around the world, focusing on those with strong rugby and football programs.

The centre's unique offerings, combined with its strategic location and cultural connections, set the stage for a truly global impact.

Harnessing Technology and Data for Performance

Technology has become an integral part of athlete development, and our conversation didn't shy away from addressing this topic.

The centre's partnership with technology giants, NTT, showcased a commitment to innovation.

The integration of data analytics, sensory technology, and advanced systems marked a step forward in enhancing athlete performance, fan engagement, and overall well-being.

The discussion sparked a thought-provoking dialogue on data ownership and usage. While athletes undoubtedly own their data, the question lies in how it's utilised to benefit various stakeholders – from performance teams to fans and sponsors.

This reinforced the idea that data's true value lies in its strategic application.

The Art of Balance

Our conversation concluded on a personal note.

We delved into the challenge of maintaining balance in a fast-paced industry.

I reflected on pivotal moments that led to a conscious decision to do fewer things but do them better.

The analogy of a plumber fixing a leaky tap illustrated the need for self-care. It was a poignant reminder that even in the pursuit of excellence, one must prioritise well-being and family.

In closing, I was inspired by the profound wisdom shared during our conversation.

The journey from vision to reality, the dedication to holistic wellness, and the emphasis on balance all left an indelible mark.

This innovative wellness centre stands not just as a physical space but as a testament to what can be achieved through unwavering passion, collaboration, and the pursuit of excellence.

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