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When summer is always quickly approaching, our natural body clocks are ticking.

We are ready to go outside again and make the most of the season.

But with a global pandemic, our dreams of flying to warmer countries, or even gathering at the neighbourhood pub, have been crushed — or at least postponed.

This is not the kind of summer kick-off many of us were hoping for. However, it could be the perfect reason to upgrade your patio or backyard.

With a general lockdown still happening in the UK, why not turn your outdoor area into your personal hotspot?

You can make the best of “social distancing” by adding a private infrared sauna to your yard or terrace.

Outdoor saunas are not only elegantly designed, but they also help create an oasis of relaxation. And let’s be honest, with times as crazy and stressful as these, we can all do with a bit of indulgence and self-care.

4 Reasons Why Outdoor Saunas Are Good

The beauty of an outdoor sauna is that it helps you get out of your house (and out of your head) for a while, without having to leave your premises.

With sleek Italian designs, innovative engineering and high-grade materials, our saunas have redefined outdoor luxury.

And while most building projects tend to be rather time-consuming, our sauna kits are prefabricated, making their assembly surprisingly fast and easy.

You’re only one screwdriver and 2 - 3 hours of installation time away from enjoying these amazing benefits:

A Beautiful Escape

Outdoor infrared saunas provide a stylish getaway to mentally and physically relax – especially when you are working from home.

Getting up and leaving your workspace is important for your emotional well-being.

A visit to your outdoor sauna is the perfect way to detach from work, and call it a day.

Ultimate Relaxation

Step inside the cabin. Feel its gentle heat surround you.

Smell the subtle notes of wood. And, at the tap of a button, enjoy the soothing benefits of light and colour, with integrated Chromotherapy.

You can select individual colours to enhance your mood, or just choose ‘auto mode’ to cycle through the full spectrum. It’s a delightful experience for all senses!

Sexy Design Upgrade

With floor-to-ceiling tempered glass windows, our outdoor sauna cabins allow you to take full advantage of your backyard and surrounding scenery.

State-of-the-art technology and sustainable materials like eco-certified Canadian Cedarwood will add value to your property.

This might well be the hottest home improvement in the market.

Unique New Feature

While regular saunas are commonly used outside, infrared saunas are normally used indoors.

As the first (and only) company selling infrared outdoor saunas, we’re excited to bring wellness and elegance straight to your backyard.

Set yourself apart with this exclusive exterior trend, which will leave a lasting impression on your family and friends.


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Investing In Your Space And Wellbeing

Why wait to take your backyard up a notch and beautify your space?

An infrared sauna will not only become an eye-catching centrepiece for your outdoor area, but also your own personal spa.

That way, whatever the seasons (or global circumstances) throw at you, you can always retreat to your luxury outdoor sanctuary, and surround yourself in pure wellness.

If you need help deciding which outdoor sauna cabin would best fit your needs, you can contact our team.

We’re happy to help.

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