The Power Of Solitude In An Infrared Sauna

Why You're Missing It, And How To Create Space In The Home


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Our world is a highly connected one through a global community, social communities, media, work, and even the communities that operate within our own homes.

Subsequently, we find ourselves sitting in the car outside to decompress from work before we step into our roles at home. 

Some sit on the toilet skimming magazines for an hour because the toilet becomes a safe space. 

Men have their 'man-caves', or garage workshops, and women often have little room for solitude in the home, especially if there are children running around.

Prioritizing alone time might seem selfish when we have responsibilities, however, we believe that prioritizing inner-wellbeing allows us to be better family members, buddies, employees or bosses, and more conscientious members of wider communities.

How To Create Space In Your Home

In a world of endless stimulation, we want you to take your bliss seriously.

While the health benefits of an infrared sauna are countless, from weight loss to muscle and joint therapy, the relaxation qualities are equally as effective in improving our overall well-being.

A sauna isn't an escape from your day-to-day, it's more like a recharging system that allows you to show up in your day-to-day in a new and improved way.

You will regain interest and curiosity in other aspects of your life by taking that deliberate and loving time for yourself. 

Sauna therapy is the new shrink.

At first, solitude might seem uncomfortable and even a bit scary, but eventually it becomes the greatest freedom. 

It's like a muscle that needs exercise. 

When we aren't used to solitude, confronting our feelings alone can be terrifying. 

Most people would rather distract themselves than take a peek into their hearts. 

Without the constant urge to word vomit, be polite, or make others feel comfortable by filling the silence, we are free to think for ourselves.

It may never feel particularly pleasant or as joyful as being around a dinner table with our dearest friends or taking a walk on the beach with a lover. 

That's okay. 

A study on Human Development from the University of Illinois indicated that solitude generates health benefits on a long-term scale, decreasing the chances of depression down the road.

When we take space' in the car before we walk through the front door it's not coming from a place of love and care for ourselves. 

It's more similar to dread and being conked out of energy. 

Instead, come from a place a deliberate act of rest + self-care and give ourselves that gift of sacred solitude the world has forgotten. 

Our Clearlight Infrared® Saunas are designed to hold you in comfort and total bliss while simultaneously healing your physical body + promoting weight loss.

Allowing our infrared saunas to become a place of self-care provides many benefits to our creativity and mental health.


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5 Benefits Saunas Have On Wellbeing

Reconnecting With Creativity & Inspiration

All of our best ideas and creative insights come to us in solitude. In the shower, in the car, sipping morning coffee on the porch. If you are feeling a lack of passion or need a new method of approaching a particular problem, solitude can uncover clarity.

Many studies have exhibited direct links between solitude + creativity because people who prefer alone time are interested in expressing their emotions. However, not all of us prefer solitude- at least not in the beginning. Devoting a positive, loving space such as a Clearlight Sauna can help make the experience something you delight in.

Reform A Relationship With Yourself

We often let ourselves fall by the wayside when we think about the important relationships in our lives. When this happens, our actions and words become about pleasing others, filling silences, and operating in reaction mode. When we don't know what we want, we don't have the confidence to get up and start walking toward it. Believing we are trapped by circumstance, that we are stuck' and powerless is what most often leads to depression + anxiety.

Beyond all else, remember that the longest relationship you will ever have is the one you have with yourself- more than any spouse, soulmate, sibling, or child. The heart that beats in your chest craves nothing more than to be loved by you.

Slow Down, Reflect On Actions & Formulate Plans To Progress

By constantly filling our brains with stimulation, we don't allow ourselves to think about one thing at a time which decreases our brain efficiency. When we do this, we also don't allow ourselves to stop and recognize our feelings. Infrared Sauna Therapy quite literally allows us to work through our problems with a more conscious perspective.

In a world of it's okay, I'm fine, we gloss over what we're really thinking.

If one day, you finally allowed yourself to sit in solitude and think really hated my job today. It's not okay and you continually felt that way day after day you wouldn't just sit and whine until you retire. Eventually, you would see new potentials. You might think, maybe I'm just bored and I need to find play in other areas of my life, or maybe you'd quit.

Either way, reoccurring emotion leads to a plan of action, and that leads to changing our lives for the better.

Remove External Influences To Reconnect To Inner Wisdom

Our brains are fed so much meaningless, consumer-targeted information every day that we have become numb. It's hard to hear over the screaming of televisions and new outlets, but Clearlight believes every human on this Earth is born with a knowing of what is right for them + their bodies. Relearning to listen is only a matter of becoming still and quiet.

Diffuse Stress By Eliminating Noise

Have you noticed that almost every room in your house has a screen, books, or a way to connect you to the outer world? If there was a room with nothing in it, would you ever go in there? What would you do there? That's where the Clearlight Saunas' superpower comes into play. In a go-go-go world, the added benefit of solitude in an in-home infrared sauna kills two birds with one stone. Not only do the healing properties of our saunas reduce stress, but the ability to be in total silence away from commercials, screaming kids, and honking horns relaxes the body even deeper.

We could go on forever, but the true beauty + countless benefits of solitude can only be discovered on your own.

How To Create Space For A Sauna & Solitude

Creating Space is Creating love.

Set Up Personal Boundaries

Setting up personal boundaries that honor your relationship with yourself can be uncomfortable. People may misconstrue our newfound self-care with a lack of love for them. As scary as that might be, we've found that letting our partners, children, or roommates know that we are creating a practice of intentional solitude often leads to a really beautiful conversation about each other's personal needs. Then, taking turns with spouses or loved ones finding solitude allows you to support and respect one another's alone time.

Set Apart Time

Plan your self-care + and solitude into your day and don't let anyone or anything get in the way of that. Sometimes busy lives may threaten that time. Honoring it even when life is hectic says to others + yourself that what you value most is how you are respecting yourself.

Work Can Wait

Emails can wait. Dinner can wait. The television can be paused, and the dog can be trained to hold it. That steadfastness in our self-care ripples out into the rest of our lives in everything that we do. Your businesses will respect you more. Your relationships will support you, and your body will return the love to you tenfold.

We invite you to seek those changes and invest in your own well-being as an act of total selflessness to others in your life. A better you means a better world.

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