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Identifying Saunas' Effect On Women's Health

What Women Should Know About Infrared Sauna Bathing

What To Wear In A Sauna

Why Going As Naked As Possible Is Best

What Science Says About Infrared Saunas

Regular visits to saunas have often been prescribed as a wellness practice around the world, thanks to their ability to create a positive effect on our bodies.

Enhance Your Sauna With Full-Spectrum Infrared

Add-on An Additional Full-Spectrum Heater To Your Clearlight Infrared® Sauna
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The Difference Between Red Light Therapy And Infrared Saunas

Comparing Apples And Oranges - In An Ideal World You'll Get Both

What is vibrational resonance therapy (VRT)?

What is vibrational resonance therapy and how does it work?
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What Is The Best Wood For Your Sauna

How To Build Your Own Sauna: Best Wood For Sauna

What Is Color Light Therapy?

The Science Behind Chromotherapy and Color Light Therapy

What Is The Best Way To Use An Infrared Sauna?

How to Use an Infrared Sauna for Health Benefits

What Is Light Therapy?

What are the differences between colour light therapy, red light therapy, infrared light therapy?

Blue Light LED Therapy: The Complete Overview

What is Blue Light, And Why is it Harmful Or Beneficial?

What Does Red Light Therapy Do?

What Is Red Light Therapy Treatment?

Can You Get Vitamin D From an Infrared Sauna?

Infrared Saunas provide a range of benefits, but is Vitamin D one of them?
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The Infrared Sauna After Tattoo Basics

Why You'd Better Avoid An Infrared Sauna Directly After You Got A New Tattoo

Stretching In Sauna Basics: A Match Made In Heaven?

Why Sauna Stretching Is Heavily Underrated

Sauna While Fasting

5 Important Lessons To Remember

The Unlikely Sauna Liver Connection

How Using An Infrared Sauna For Liver Detoxification Works Physiologically

The Incredible Infrared Sauna Immune System Boost

And Why Your Disease Risk Is Lowered Dramatically

How Long To Use A Sauna For Diabetes Support For Amazing Results?

And The Best Ways To Use An Infrared Sauna For Preventing Diabetes And Managing Symptoms

How Does Sauna Healing Work?

Far Infrared Sauna Therapy For Healing

Using A Sauna For Erectile Dysfunction: A Promising Strategy

And Why Saunas Help Fix Six Separate Erectile Dysfunction Root Causes

Using A Sauna For Back Pain: An Unexpected Match

Explaining The Underappreciated Sauna Back Pain Benefits

Sauna For Asthma: Why Heating Yourself Makes Life Better For Asthmatics

And Why An Infrared Saunas With A Few Upgrades Are The Best

Sauna COVID Risk

How To Lower Your Exposure Risk And How To Use Saunas To Counter COVID Symptoms

Complete Sauna Detox Protocol

4 Simple Steps For Maximal Detox Effectiveness
Health Benefits
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3 Outstanding Salt Therapy Benefits

The Science Of Salt Therapy For Health

Sauna And Diabetes: The Ultimate Guide

How An Infrared Sauna Is Perfect For Stabalising Blood Sugar And Countering Diabetes Symptoms

4 Powerful Sauna After Exercise Benefits

Sauna Sessions After Exercise Boost Recovery

Red LED Light: Everything You Need To Know

Can Red LED Lights Be Used As Red Light Therapy?

Purple Light LED Therapy: The Full Scoop

What is Purple LED Light Therapy Good For?

Powerful Sauna Detox Booster: Toxin Binders


Parkinson And Infrared Sauna Use: Exploring The Exceptional Science

How Infrared Saunas Counter Main Parkinson’s Disease Risk Factors

How To Choose An Infrared Sauna

Ranking the best sauna for home use that’s available on the market today

Orange Light LED Therapy: A Detailed Exploration

What is Orange LED Light Therapy Used For?

Can You Wear An Oura Ring In A Sauna?

Is It Suitable To Take Wearable Electronics Into An Infrared Sauna?
Sauna Practice
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Niacin Detox Protocol: Sauna Detox

What is a Niacin Flush and how does Niacin Detox work?

Outdoor Infrared Saunas

The Ultimate In Luxury Relaxation

EMF Dangers: Why Low EMF Infrared Saunas Are Best

& How We Assure Your EMF Exposure Is As Low As Possible
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Loni Jane's Sauna Protocol

How You Can Maximise Your Sauna Experience

Light Therapy For Autism: Saunas, Red Light Therapy & More

Why Sauna Therapy For Autism Might Be A Game Changer

Cyan Light LED Therapy: In-Depth Knowledge

What is Cyan LED Light Therapy and What Does It Do?

Can You Take A Laptop Into A Sauna?

Are Laptops And Tablets Suitable For An Infrared Sauna Session?

Is Sauna Good for Knee Injury?

Can Infrared Sauna Provide Healing Benefits for Knee Injuries?

Is Sauna Good For Keto?

Why Saunas Hypercharge Your Keto Diet Efforts

Is A Sauna Good For Your Skin?

Dispelling the Myths: Are Saunas Good Or Bad For Your Skin?

Is A Sauna Good For Your Lungs?

Why Using A Sauna For Lungs Reduces Disease Risk And Boosts Your Health

Is A Sauna Good For COVID?

The Sauna COVID-19 Guidelines For Lower Exposure Risk And Staying Healthy

Is A Dry Sauna Good For Pneumonia?

Here's How Using A Sauna Can Both Benefit For Prevention And Acute Symptoms
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Comparing Infrared Saunas Vs Steam Rooms

What are the differences between an infrared sauna and a steam room?
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Unveiling the Vision of the New Zealand Campus of Innovation and Sport

How Clearlight® Saunas have influenced one of the world's most advanced recovery centres

The Unanticipated Infrared Sauna Toenail Fungus Benefits

How A Healthy Immune System And Circulation Counteract Toenail Fungus
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Infrared Sauna Use As A Treatment For Depression

Whole-body hyperthermia treatment for depression and insomnia

Infrared Saunas for Natural Detoxification

How Do Infrared Saunas Detoxify You?

Sauna Dome: Infrared Sauna Protocol and Ritual

How to Create an Infrared Sauna Ritual
Health Benefits
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The Incredible Infrared Sauna Mitochondria Link

The Revolutionary Approach Of How Infrared Saunas Make Your Mitochondria Healthier

Is Infrared Sauna Good For a Sore Throat?

How Infrared Saunas Can Jump Start Sore Throat Recovery

Is An Infrared Sauna Good For Lyme Disease?

5 Reasons Why Infrared Saunas Help Lyme Disease

Infrared Sauna Temperature: Everything You Need To Know

The Key To Understanding What Temperature Should An Infrared Sauna Be Set At

Why An Infrared Sauna For Pneumonia Is Your Best Option

Exploring The Incredible Science On Using Saunas For Improving Lung Health

Infrared Sauna Electricity Costs: Cheaper than Traditional Saunas?

Cost of Running an Infrared Sauna: Cheap or Expensive?

The Exciting Infrared Sauna Fibromyalgia Research

Why Infrared Saunas Are An Underrated Tool For Fibromyalgia Symptom Management

Infrared Sauna Emissivity Explained

Understanding the concept of emissivity when buying an infrared sauna.
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The Unknown Infrared Sauna Eczema Fix

Three Reasons Why Infrared Saunas Help Manage Eczema Symptoms

Is Infrared Sauna Everyday Good for You?

How Many Infrared Saunas Per Week Should You Have?
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The Infrared Sauna Depression Benefits You Might Not Know About

My 8 Lessons From A Recent Dr. Rhonda Patrick & Dr. Ashley Mason Podcast

Why An Infrared Sauna Anxiety Symptom Management Habit Makes Sense

And 5 Ways An Infrared Sauna Counters Anxiety From A Biological Perspective

Infrared Sauna Benefits For Lupus: An Unexpected Story

The Lesser Well-Known Science-Backed Benefits
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Infrared Sauna Calories Burned Per Hour

How Infrared Saunas Help You Become A Fat Burning Machine

How An Infrared Sauna Lowers Blood Pressure Substantially

Or: Exploring The Infrared Sauna High Blood Pressure Ace Card

Infrared Sauna And Psoriasis: The Promising Science

The Exciting Far Infrared Sauna Psoriasis Symptom Management Argument

Infrared Sauna Vs Infrared Sauna Blanket Benefits: What's Better?

Infrared Sauna Blanket Benefits: Decent But Better Options Exist

Infrared Salt Sauna: Why This Magical Combination Works Wonders

Why The Benefits Of An Infrared Sauna And Salt Therapy Mutually Reinforce Each Other

Infrared Light Therapy At Home

Differences Between Infrared Sauna Therapy, Near Infrared Light Therapy & More

Infrared Sauna Accessories: Everything You Need To Know

+ Some Unique Clearlight Infrared Sauna Accessories

How To Use A Sauna For Sore Muscles

Are Infrared Saunas Good For Muscle Recovery?

How Long Should You Sauna For Heart Health?

The Extremely Effective Effects Of Infrared Saunas For Cardiovascular Health

How To Use A Sauna For A Cold

Is An Infrared Sauna Good For A Cold And If So, How To Use A Sauna For Treatment

How To Use Cold to Enhance Your Sauna

What are the benefits of using cold and sauna together?

Infrared Sauna for Mold Detox: Does it Work?

How to Detox Your Body from Mold with Sauna Benefits

How To Gua Sha In A Sauna

The Secret Sauna Routine For Healthy And Youthful Skin

How To Get Rid Of Hangover Anxiety

3 Simple Tips To Make You Quickly Feel Better During A Hangover

Sauna vs Hot Tub: Which one is right for you?

How To Choose Between An Infrared Sauna Or A Hot Tub

How Long Should You Sauna To Boost The Immune System?

Sauna Benefits For The Immune System: How To Use A Sauna For Countering The Common Cold And More

How Long Should You Sauna For Muscle Recovery?

The Best Way To Use A Sauna After Workout For Sore Muscles And Athletic Performance

How Long Should You Sauna For Skin Health Benefits?

How Regular Infrared Sauna Use Boosts Skin Health And Helps You Deal With Skin Conditions

How Long Should You Sauna For Stress Reduction Benefits?

And Infrared Sauna Benefits For Mental Health, Depression, Anxiety, And Well-Being